Georgian Society for East Yorkshire

Statement on behalf of the Georgian Society for East Yorkshire regarding the future of Needler Hall, Cottingham.

The Georgian Society for East Yorkshire are concerned by recent proposals by Quora Developments which would involve the demolition of all the buildings on the Needler Hall site.

Needler Hall, originally called Northgate House and later Northfields, was built sometime around 1804. The Georgian house was enlarged in the 1820s and extended with an Italianate wing in 1867. In the twentieth century Needler Hall became a Hall of residence for Hull University. New accommodation was created in a 1930s neo-Georgian wind and a 1960s brick wing by Trevor Dannatt, a leading modern architect. The original house was retained as the focal point of the complex and is fondly remembered by many former students.

The scheme submitted for consultation by Quora Developments for housing and a supermarket retains none of the existing buildings. We feel this would be a great loss to the village. Cottingham was once characterised by its large mansions; many of those in the centre were demolished in the twentieth century to make way for blander, suburban development. The present state of Cottingham Green, which retains older buildings on its north side, but has over scaled modern buildings to the south and east, shows the detrimental change in character which resulted.

We strongly advocate the retention of the Georgian house. We believe that the it could be restored and converted in a sensitive way for residential or commercial use. This would preclude the loss of another part of Cottingham’s history, and lend a distinctive character to any new development on the rest of the site. We would like to press the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to list Needler Hall as a building of local significance.

December 2015

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