Georgian Society for East Yorkshire

Statement on behalf of the Georgian Society for East Yorkshire regarding the revised plans Needler Hall, Cottingham.

Wall at the corner of King Street and Northgate.

Wall at the corner of King Street and Northgate.

The wall at the corner of King Street and Northgate, March 2016. Needler Hall is on the far right.

Monday, 28th March 2016

The Georgian Society for East Yorkshire notes with interest the revised plans published in issue 172 - March 2016, of the COTTINGHAM AND DISTRICT TIMES. Whilst we welcome the proposed retention of Needler Hall, we would like to make known the following concerns:

• The loss of the Victorian wing would be regrettable. The 1867 wing is the last major extension made to Needler Hall when it was in domestic use; it is of good architectural quality and should also be considered for retention.

• The proposed setting is less than ideal. The north side of the building already faces directly onto Northgate; the latest proposal puts the supermarket hard up against the east side, an access road on the west side and leaves the south facade looking onto a car park. This sort of arrangement would make the building only suitable for use as offices.

• We welcome the retention of the sites mature trees and boundary walls; but we note that the walls are in some situations being reduced in height to as low as 900 mm. This reduction in height would change the aspect of the site considerably. We would prefer it if the walls were retained at their full height and, if necessary, pierced with arches in the manner for which there is much historical precedent in Cottingham.

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