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Southwood Hall & St Mary the Virgin.

Georgian buns.

Georgian buns.

Photograph of Georgian cakes by David Pennie.

Sunday, 22nd March 2015

On Saturday we enjoyed a very successful trip to Cottingham. In the morning we were welcomed to Southwood Hall. The seventeenth century house was engulfed by Cottingham’s suburbs in the 1950’s and fell into dereliction. The present owners have over the last decade completed a full restoration of the property.

In the afternoon we were given a tour of the Parish Church by historian Geoff Bell. Julian Savory demonstrated the church organ and played pieces by John Stanley and Widor.

After our tour of the church we were treated to spread including a number of cakes and buns made to Georgian recipes by published by Hannah Glasse.

Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, Cottingham, East Yorkshire

Tower of St Mary the Virgin Cottingham.

The oldest parts of the Cottingham's parish church date from the early fourteenth century; the west window exhibits the flowing lines of the Curvilinear style favoured by Yorkshire masons at that time. The manor of Cottingham was owned by Joan 4th Countess of Kent; after she married the Prince of Wales (Edward the Black Price) in 1361, the church ... (read more...)

Southwood Hall, Cottingham, East Yorkshire

Southwood Hall

Now surrounded by twentieth century developments, Southwood Hall is a remarkably intact example of a late seventeenth century house. It was built sometime before 1661 for the Bacchus family and was later a tenanted farmhouse; few alterations have been made since the eighteenth century. The house displays the bold decorative brick work typical of the seventeenth century. The present ... (read more...)

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