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A Yorkshire Pudding Recipe from 1737



Saturday, 4th October 2014

"The Whole Duty of a Woman, or, An infallible guide to the fair sex : containing rules, directions, and observations, for their conduct and behavior through all ages and circumstances of life, as virgins, wives, or widows : with Directions, how to obtain all Useful and Fashionable Accomplishments suitable to the SEX. In which are comprised all Parts of Good Housewifery, particularly rules and receipts in every kind of cookery .." (1737)

Make a good batter as for pancakes; put in a hot toss-pan over the fire with a bit of butter to fry the bottom a little then put the pan and butter under a shoulder of mutton, instead of a dripping pan, keeping frequently shaking it by the handle and it will be light and savoury, and fit to take up when your mutton is enough; then turn it in a dish and serve it hot.

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