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Brocklesby and Normanby

Brocklesby Mausoleum

Brocklesby Mausoleum

Saturday, 17th August 2013

Although the weather was rather dull, with the odd period of rain, today's visits were a great success. Photographs may be seen on the societies Facebook page:

Brocklesby Mausoleum, Lincolnshire

Brocklesby Mausoleum

James Wyatt, probably working at the time at Brocklesby Park, designed a mausoleum near Great Limber to commemorate Sophia Aufrere who died in 1786. The mausoleum stands on a mound which contained Anglo-Saxon burials. Wyatt took as his model the temples of Vesta at Tivoli and Rome. The interior is lit from above through coloured glass by Francis Eginton ... (read more...)

Normanby Hall, Lincolnshire

Normanby Hall

Normanby Hall, once the seat of the Sheffields, was built between 1825 and 1830 to the designs of Sir Robert Smirke. Walter H Brierley added wings in 1906. Smirke�s marble chimney-pieces, carved perhaps by one of the Westmacotts, remain, and Smirke�s colour scheme has been restored in the halls, library and music room. (read more...)

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