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New Pictorial Survey of the Work of John Carr

John Carr of York - A Pictorial Survey

John Carr of York - A Pictorial Survey

Friday, 19th July 2013

Architectural Historian Ivan Hall has published a new book dedicated to the work of John Carr:

"Though John Carr of York was one of the leading architects of the Georgian period, his huge and varied achievement is still there to be enjoyed. Every day thousands of people cross his bridges, work in his hospitals, offices and farms, visit his country houses, worship in his churches, or live in his houses without making any connection between the architect and themselves. This sixty four page pictorial survey of nearly fifty buildings will help to redress the balance, and at the same time will bring attention to the splendid craftsmanship that has ensured their survival into the twenty first century. The photographs are accompanied by a brief and helpful text. Particular emphasis has been given to those buildings to which the public has some degree of access."

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