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Lecture on 'Sir Tatton Sykes and his churches' by David Neave

Sledmere House

Sledmere House

Sunday, 24th March 2013

Lecture on 'Sir Tatton Sykes and his churches' by David Neave on 26 April 7.00 p.m.

Between 1856 and 1913 Sir Tatton Sykes, 4th baronet (1772-1863) and Sir Tatton Sykes, 5th baronet (1826-1913) of Sledmere built, rebuilt or restored 18 rural churches in East Yorkshire, chiefly on the Wolds. It was the aim of Sir Tatton Sykes II 'perhaps the greatest English church builder of the 19th century', to create centres of 'Christian Art and Worship' and he spent a fortune to produce some of the finest village churches in Britain.

Three of the greatest Gothic revival architects were employed: J.L. Pearson, later architect of Truro Cathedral, G.E. Street, best known for the Royal Courts of Justice, and Temple L. Moore. The glory of the impressive architecture of the Sykes churches, including some of the area's finest Norman buildings, is equalled by the splendour of their Victorian and Edwardian furnishings by leading craftsmen and artists of the age.

For further details contact Sledmere House:

Sledmere House, East Yorkshire

Sledmere House

The original Sledmere house of 1751 forms the core of the more substantial house of the created in the 1790s. The neoclassical design by Samuel Wyatt and Sir Christopher Sykes, 2nd Baronet, is characterised by the repeated use of an unusual motif of arched recesses framing tripartite windows. After the house was badly damaged by a fire in 1911, ... (read more...)

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