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The Beverley Guildhall Georgian Concert

The Guildhall Concert 2023

The Guildhall Concert 2023

Kieran Lynch (violin I), Linda Robinson (violin II), Peter Brewster (viola) and Christine Nolan (cello).

Sunday, 2nd April 2023

We would like to congratulate everyone involved in the Beverley Guildhall Concert on Thursday.

The string quartet formed of Christine Nola, Kieran Lynch, Linda Robinson and Peter Brewster gave lively performances of Haydn’s Quartet in G major, opus 76 no. 1, and Fanny Hensel’s quartet in Eb major. The first piece typified Haydn’s wit, depth and elegance, the second looked forwards to the individuality and freedom of the romantic period.

The concert took place below Giuseppe Cortese’s magnificent rococo courtroom ceiling. We would like to thank Sarah Hammond and the staff of the Guildhall for organising the event, and Iris Pennie for serving the drinks in eighteenth century dress.

Finally we would like to thank all those who attended and made the work worthwhile. We hope that there will be more such events in the future.

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