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New Plaque to William Crosskill unveiled

Unveiling of the Crosskill Plaque.

Unveiling of the Crosskill Plaque.

Unveiling of the Crosskill Plaque on 9 September 2022,

Sunday, 11th September 2022

The first full day of the reign of our new King saw the unveiling of a new plaque to William Crosskill.

William Crosskill (1800-88) was an iron founder who produced bells, railings. lamp posts and agricultural implements in the early nineteenth century.

A plaque had previously been affixed to the Registry Office in Walkergate, but research be David & Susan Neave showed that the correct location should be 71 Walkergate, which has been the Grosvenor Club since the 1920s.

The new plaque was sponsored by the Beverley Civic Society and the Georgian Society for East Yorkshire. The event was organised by Richard Lidwell of the Civic Society and attended by representatives of the Georgian Society and members of the Crosskill family. Barbara English gave a speech and, after the new plaque was unveiled, Brian Pearson, Secretary of the Grosvenor Club, invited those in attendance inside the building for a drink.

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